By Waste Type

Trash Collection Services

Get your recurring trash collections started in as little as 2 days. 

Mixed Recycling

Turn your trash into treasure today.

Food Waste Recycling

Take food waste out of your trash stream today.

Secure Destruction

Keep information safe and your business secure.

Paper Recycling

At PROVEN, we love to turn your trash into cash.

Cardboard Recycling

Comprehensive cardboard recycling services

Liquid waste

Recurring pump out & hydro jetting services

By Industry


Efficient waste handling procedures for your manufacturing plant.

Distribution and Logistics

Warehousing and supply chain distribution waste.

Multi-Tenant Retail

Strip malls and large shopping centers.


College housing, apartment and condo complexes.

Commercial Property

Warehouse, retail, commercial office buildings


Waste streams associated with the healthcare industry.

Government & Education

Federal buildings, courthouses and offices.

By Service Type

Sustainability Reporting and Governance

Sustainability planning, design and implementation.

Construction and Demolition

Full range of construction and demolition bulk dumpster services.

Environmental Consulting

At Proven, we understand that information is power.

Facilities Management Services

On-site specialist team to maintain your facilities.

Equipment Solutions

Whatever your equipment needs, PROVEN sources the most ruggedized and reliable waste equipment in the US.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

At Proven, we are all about reducing your waste before it becomes waste!

Smart Sensors & Monitoring

PROVEN offers state-of-the-art smart sensors & monitoring solutions

Our Sustainability Vision

This hunger for excessive consumerism is at the core of capitalist successes of the western world and emerging nations. But now we must deal with the flow on effects. The waste.


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Why choose us & how we work

At Proven, we guarantee to do things differently, and better. We guarantee to reduce your waste costs, and we guarantee to divert more waste from landfills.

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A selection of various media articles and resources about waste broker/management company.

Our Valued Hauler Partners

Our duty is to deliver value not only to our clients by whom we are employed, but we also have a duty to ensure that haulers are employed to carry out their services in a fair and equitable manner.


A selection of various media articles and resources about waste broker/management company.